UPCOMING: Sales and Customer Experience Workshop for Retail Executives (5 December 2017)

Photo of a retail sales sign

The first in a series of Retail Executive Professional Training Workshops will be held at Dragonfire Academy on 5 December 2017.

This one-day workshop for Retail Executives will cover the following two topics that are key to success in the retail sales industry:

1) In-Store Selling Skills Framework

Graphic of a selling skills framework


2) In-Store Customer Experience Framework

Graphic of a customer experience framework


This hands-on workshop is open to anyone who wants to work as a retail executive in a store-based position. We especially encourage juniors in the retail industry to come and gain new knowledge and learn new techniques and skills that will help them understand the selling process on the floor, and create positive in-store customer experiences for their clients.


The workshop will be interactive and participative, allowing participants to practice their skills and internalize acquired knowledge. Lessons will include lectures, role plays, skill practices, games, group dynamics, simulations, and presentations.


Participants will be provided with a pre-workshop assessment to help them understand how much they know about the overall sales & customer experience processes, and their own skills in these areas. Participants will complete a post-workshop assessment to help them measure their new knowledge, and the acceptance of their new learning.


Upon completion of the workshop participants should be able to:

1) Provide effective sales and service to customers

2) Handle customer queries and problems

3) Make effective sales presentations


Participants will gain enhanced sales and customer service skills that will enhance the satisfaction of their customers. Satisfied customers can generate higher sales for store, and better earnings for retail executives.


Please contact En. Izam Zakaria for further details, group discounts, and to discuss the delivery of customized  learning to your retail sales and management teams.