Our Aspiration

The aspiration of Dragonfire Academy is to prepare as many Malaysians as possible to fully participate in and contribute to the national economy. We will do this by providing learners with access to a comprehensive and holistic suite of programs and services at all points along the learning continuum. In doing so, our aim is to close the gap between the skills, knowledge, and aptitudes of learners, and those that are key to success in employment, business, or their personal lives.

Dragonfire Academy’s Six Pillar Approach

Dragonfire Academy aims to meet the various needs of adult learners by offering a comprehensive suite of programs under the following six pillars:

Pillar 1: Academic Programs

  • We provide academic qualifications, such as degrees, that will enable individuals to secure employment, better employment, or to advance in their careers
  • Target: individual learners; companies interested in supporting their employees to gain academic credentials

Pillar 2: Technical & Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Programs

  • We provide skill-based qualifications, such as certificates and diplomas, that will enable individuals to secure employment, better employment, or advance in a technical or vocational career
  • Target: individual learners; companies interested in supporting their employees to gain a credential in a trade or vocation

Pillar 3: Professional Development Programs

  • We provide courses, certificates, and diplomas topping up an individual’s academic or skill-based qualification
  • Target: primarily companies interested in supporting their employees to obtain a specialized credential necessary to advance within their career; individual learners

Pillar 4: Learning on Demand Programs

  • We provide online courses providing specialized knowledge “anytime, anywhere” about a wide range of topics, to satisfy a business or personal need to master a specific skill
  • Target: individuals; companies interested in supporting their employees to rapidly acquire mastery of knowledge or skills in a particular subject of relevance

Pillar 5: Entrepreneur Development Programs

  • We provide courses in socially-responsible and Islamic entrepreneurship to produce entrepreneurs guided and leading by Islamically sound and socially responsible business principles
  • Target: individuals interested in working for themselves

 Pillar 6: Personal Development Programs

  • We provide classes, workshops, seminars, and courses on a variety of subjects of personal interest (e.g., languages, personal finance, arts & crafts, gardening, writing, creative media, etc.)
  • Target: individuals seeking basic knowledge about a topic or subject of personal interest

Our Values

Everything we do at Dragonfire Academy is guided by the following values:

I ntegrity

We strive to always do the right thing and always honor the commitments we make.

B alance

We endeavor to attain an overall balance in our work and non-work lives to ensure that we always have the motivation, energy, passion, and commitment necessary to produce and deliver the best possible results.

A ccountability

We hold ourselves answerable at all times for the outcomes of our actions or inactions.

D iligence

We work conscientiously, attentively, and accurately, always giving our best effort to achieve the same result for others that we would want for ourselves.

A ppreciation

We cherish the gifts of knowledge, skills, and experience that Allah has given to us, and welcome every opportunity to use them in beneficial service to others and ourselves.

H onesty

We conduct ourselves in an upright manner and will not knowingly or willingly cheat, deceive or mislead others.

The result of these combined values is “IBADAH” or “worship.” We view the performance of our work as an act of worship of Allah, the Merciful and Generous Creator and Sustainer of us all. We seek His favor by worshiping Him through the best possible performance of our work, leading to the achievement of positive results for our shareholders, clients, work colleagues, families, and ourselves.

The Dragonfire Philosophy

My success is determined by my attitude and my effort. I am responsible for both.